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Unless you met your soulmate in kindergarten, or married your high school sweetheart, finding that special someone takes a whole lot of time, energy, effort and let’s not forget, cash money. Dating can seem like a never ending, bumpy carousel of searching, planning, and meeting -- essentially leading to a draining of personal resources.

At Cool With It™ our goal is to smooth out that bumpy carousel ride and make getting together easy, more enjoyable and rewarding. So we teamed up with local restaurants, bars, and other types of venues, who want to help as well, and by doing so we can cut down on the cost of getting together, while providing you with new and fresh date ideas at places who understand and care you are on a date.


What’s with the Credits? How do I use them?


Connect with members: Credits are used to contact other members you are interested in.  See someone you would like to get to know? Send them a friend request for 1 Credit. If they accept your friend request, it will cost them 1 Credit as well.  Then you are both free to message each other unlimitedly. 

Linc up!  Use your Credits to get together. Just check your Linc Up™ offers for local venues in your area where Cool With It™ members receive discounts or complimentary items and services such as: Appetizers, Beverages and discounted or free admission to select events. 

View Private Photos: Use your Credits to view your connections private photos.  These are photos they might not want to share with everyone, so it is just limited to their Connections.


Do you ever post to my facebook page?


Nope. Cool With It™ will never post anything to your Facebook page.  


We are a free dating site and we use a Credits system.


It's simple, Credits are used to not only enhance your online experience, but also limit you from spreading yourself too thin.  Sometimes online dating can be overwhelming.

  •  First, receiving a bunch of messages in your inbox with the same generic "what's up" is not cool.  
  •  Second, sending a bunch of messages or crafting one incredible message with the hopes of a reply, but not receiving anything back can be frustrating.

      We eliminate all of that off the bat.  You get 20 Credits each month, send one to someone you’re interested in, if they accept it, you can craft that super witty message and know that you will get a response, if they don't accept, you save your time and move on to the next one.  And no worries if you run out of Credits before the end of the month, there’s lots of interesting ways you can earn more. 


Want to Connect or have a question?


For general inquiries, connect with us via social media or email us at: info@coolwithit.com


For press inquiries: press@coolwithit.com


For support issues: support@coolwithit.com


We review every inquiry we receive and will do our best to reply in a timely manner!



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